HVGLIB.H, Ver. 3.02

On December 31, 2018, Richard Degler sent me an updated version of the Home Video Game Library equates file called HGVLIB.H. It is now at version 3.02. The previous version, from 2010, was 3.01. This is an equate file for Bally / Astrocade assembly language programming. If you’re going to be creating machine language programs with the Nutting Manual, then you need this Astrocade equate file.

Richard comments:

“Also included is an updated “HVGLIB.H” where I finally corrected the FIRSTC and NORMEM comments … surprised no one called me on that!! Updated the “FonT BASE character” comment again, also the URINAL memory cell since we now have empirical data on that in TERSE/Addin_Mar1979.pdf (which is not TERSE but may have come from TERSE source originally ??). They were probably right to change the COUNTER UPDATE & NUMBER TRACKING equate – I was shocked to see that abbreviation written down!!1! Break that out and replace the old HVGLIB.H on Bally Alley for me.”

The file can be downloaded from BallyAlley.com, here:


Thanks for the update, Richard!

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