Past February 5 Updates

Here are some past February 5 updates to

February 5, 2016

“Programmables: Show Business Is In Cartridges”
“Consumer Electronics,” May 1979: 23.

Programmables - Show Business Is In Cartridges (Consumer Electronics)(May 1979)_tn

“In a year when the industry is expecting limited growth in programmable video games, major firms in the field will strive to maintain momentum by focusing on new cartridges at Summer CES.”

“Bally will also be at CES with new cartridges for its programmable, recently upgraded to perform computer functions. The company will introduce two or three new cartridges, including a pinball program, says Jack Nieman, national sales manager.”

February 5, 2010

Added four tape covers or miscellaneous tape-cover related items to the WaveMakers Box section.

  1. Backgammon / Obstacle Course Tournament (Tape Cover)
  2. Collision Course / Sound Effects (Spine)
  3. Slot Machine / Perversion (Tape Cover)
  4. WaveMakers Label (Close-Up)

Added a red L&M Software sticker that was originally on tape “boxes.”

LM Software (Sticker)(Red)

Reorganized and added two tape covers to the Miscellaneous Box Section.

  1. Nam-Cap (Tape Case – Cover Only)
  2. Video Wizards (Tape case)

Added screenshots of three tapes:

  1. Allemande, Part I & II – George Moses
  2. Buggin’ BC – Dave Ibach and George Moses
  3. Crazy Face – Steve Walters

These blog posts are a great way to revisit older updates.

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