Cosmic Raiders Z80 Disassembly

I added a new version of the Z80 machine language disassembly for the game Cosmic Raiders to  I started this in September 2016 and Richard Degler sent me this version on December 25, 2018. This is the third release of this code.  It is now commented and most everything has been disassembled.

Cosmic Raiders is one of my favorite Astrocade games.  Here is a video review of the game by “niceandgames” that he published on Aug 26, 2011 to YouTube:

Richard has these few comments about this Z80 disassembly:

Here’s “COSMIC RAIDERS” (early VideoCADE #2019 New Year’s present) anyway. […] Check the names of the different fighter patterns – Type-2 and Type-4 might be switched. And notice that the BOMB-Explosion is NOT used for the Bomb! […] Contains the infamous “LD A,$F0 / OUT ($CC),A” (BASIC equivalant “&(204)=240”) which fooled [some few] into believing there was a MYSTIC register hidden in their machine’s hardware. Probably just a command to turn off a Printer, UART or Electronic Module in the test bed instead.

The disassembly can be downloaded here:

Thank, Richard. As always, it’s always fun to read your excellent comments.

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