Uploaded 26 Unedited Astrocade Video Art Videos in Two Days

Since I began uploading the unedited videos of Bally Arcade/Astrocade video art yesterday, I have managed to upload 26 different videos. I added beginning and end titles to each of them to give them just a bit of context. My plan was to have commentary for each video (like I’ve done before), but I realize now that that scheme is WAY to time consuming to follow-through with that plan.

I have 19 more already-recorded video art videos to upload to archive.org. I’m going to take a break from this and get back to it next week.

Stanley Kendall’s “C-8 Line Art” is a Blue Ram BASIC program that compiles 50 (!) of his video art programs (he sure did write a lot of them!). I recorded some of it, but it’s LONG and I’m not sure how I’ll deal with that one.

I still have other video art to record, but most of the rest is rather simple.

Here are a few semi-random choices for some of my favorite videos that I’ve uploaded since yesterday:

“Video:Video” is a video art program that uses four-color graphics on a split screen. When the program is finished it loops and starts again.


“B-14 – 1001 Lines” by Stanley Kendall. This one is for Blue Ram BASIC:


Here’s one last pick: Stanley Kendall’s “A-7 – Box & Circle Art” from January 17, 1983. This one has circles that look pretty creepy (like eyes):


You can always see my latest uploads to archive.org (including, of course, the latest 26 uploaded video art videos), here:


Does anyone have personal favorite from this recent flurry of video art uploads?


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